‘I spent £8,000 on new Turkey teeth and now I’m trolled about how white they are’

‘I spent £8,000 on new Turkey teeth and now I’m trolled about how white they are’

A man who spent £8,000 on his brand spanking new teeth has been hitting out at trolls who’ve mocked him over their whiteness.

Jamie Griffith travelled to Turkey to have a new set of veneers but has appeared to have fallen foul of the so-called ‘ Turkey Teeth ‘ phenomenon that’s sweeping social media.

The TikToker posted a video featuring his pearly gnashers but has since been ridiculed by some viewers.

“Bro doesn’t need a torch at night anymore,” one person commented.

Another added: “Let me get my sunglasses.”

“Sure I seen you running at Aintree,” echoed a third.

While a fourth concurred: “That one episode in family guy where Brian becomes a real estate agent.”

Another TikTok user commented: “Did you get them from the Lego box?”

“Looks like ross from friends,” chimed another.

Some, however, have been sympathetic, with one adding: “Everyone who doesn’t have crowns or veneers and has travelled to turkey has the worse opinions! You’ll get used to it. Enjoy your teeth I love mine!”

In a recent BBC poll featuring 1,000 dentists, 597 responded to say they had treated both patients with crown complications after visiting Turkey for their dental treatment.

Nearly one in five of those surveyed said the repair costs exceeded £5,000.

Earlier this month, it was revealed that 60 per cent of UK’s under-pressure dentists have been asked to fix problems caused by patients flying abroad for cheap overseas cosmetic treatment.

The shock statistic is believed to be fuelled by a social media trend for “Turkey Teeth” – a full mouth of bright white ‘veneers’ – with videos having racked up more than 100million views.

Top NHS dentist Dr Trishala Lakhani, who works in London but is a TikTok user herself, became concerned about the social media trend after seeing it explode.

She has now been investigating the Turkey Teeth phenomenon – loved by the likes of Katie Price and Love Island ’s Jack Fincham – as well as dental tourism as a whole.

Jack has spoken publicly in recent weeks about the risks of travelling abroad, telling BBC Breakfast that he didn’t realise how invasive the procedure actually was.

Dr Lakhani is concerned by the number of people opting for the treatment, adding: “On TikTok alone, the hashtag Turkey Teeth had over 100million views.

“You can see why it seems an attractive proposition – some clinics even throw a luxury hotel included in the price.

“But it is shocking that people on social media have no clue what they have done to their teeth. Everyone talks about veneers – mouldings bonded to the front surface of a tooth – but in reality, they are having crowns placed, which means much more aggressive tooth reduction.”